Word Up November 2022

Graphic Novelists on Writing

Humankind has long told stories using visuals, beginning with cave paintings. Graphic novels gained traction in literary circles in the late twentieth century, and continue to flourish. Today, there are graphic novels without superheros, grounded in the realities of the real world, with personal narratives, ranging from focused memoirs to autobiographies. We talked about this, and various styles and aesthetics of comic culture as well as non-fiction graphic works.

Our two dynamic graphic novelists, Neil Gibson and Jeff Sturge shared their process, inspiration and collaborative methods with illustrators.

Neil Gibson

Neil is the founder of TPub Comics and loves working with writers, artists, colourists and letterers. He is very passionate about the comic book medium and believes it is one of the most efficient ways to communicate concepts. If you want to annoy him, just mention how you think comics are just for kids – his reaction is a common source of amusement. 
He gives talks about comics to universities and corporations and how the medium can help in business and studies. Indeed, he won’t stop yammering on about this, but audiences seem to like it. His mission is to get more and more people reading and creating comics. He lives in London with his wife, two children and seemingly endless household visitors.

Neil will be joining us online from Greater London, UK. Join us to ask Neil about his writing process and submissions.

Go grab a free comic and check out his publishing site here.

Jeff Sturge

Jeff Sturge is a screenwriter with a career in television spanning over 12 years. He’s written numerous shows – mostly for history and crime-based series – for broadcasters like Viceland, Discovery Channel, A&E and History. Jeff is known for Dark Side of the Ring (2019), Fear Thy Neighbor (2020) and Scott’s Vacation House Rules (2022).

The Voyageur has been his passion project since he dreamed it up several years ago and it’s his first foray into the world of graphic fiction. To make his dream of bringing it to life a reality, he’s partnered with friend and colleague Nick Marinkovich.

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