Word Up, Online and In-Person, Dec 2021

Short Story Writing Panel – Thursday, December 9th, 2021

Short story authors joined us to tell us to tell us what makes short stories necessary and special and to share their work. Open Mic is at the end.

Bruce Meyer

Bruce Meyer is author of more than 68 books of poetry, short fiction, flash fiction, and non-fiction. His most recent collections of short stories are Down in the Ground (Guernica Editions, 2020), The Hours: Stories from a Pandemic (Ace of Swords, 2021), and Toast Soldiers, that he will be giving the first reading from) published Crowsnest Books (2021). Toast Soldiers is 250 pages of powerful short stories about characters who find themselves confront moments of challenging discoveries from which they cannot turn away.

Click to learn more about this book and to purchase it.

Bruce Hanson

Bruce Hanson is the award-winning author of a collection of short stories, Tall Pine Tales, a YA mystery novella, Double Cross and a children’s picture book, Elephants in My Stew. His stories have been published in several anthologies.

Bruce has travelled a distance from, beginning his carrier in Electrical Engineering, which included a short stint working on the Space Shuttle’s Canadarm. He has trained with Second City Toronto, appeared on the Cottage Life television show Cottage Cheese, and has worked as an extra for TV and film including Flashpoint, Warehouse 13 and John A.: Birth of a Country.

Jenny Holiday

Jenny Holiday is a USA Today-bestselling author whose books have been featured in The New York Times, Entertainment Weekly, The Washington Post, and Buzzfeed. She grew up in Minnesota and started writing at age nine when her fourth-grade teacher gave her a notebook to fill with stories. When she’s not working on her next book, she likes to hang out with her family, watch other people sing karaoke, and throw theme parties. A member of the House of Slytherin, Jenny lives in London, Ontario, Canada.

Check out her books here: https://www.jennyholiday.com/

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